Section 1. The Church Board



A. In General



The government of this assembly shall be vested in the church board which shall consist of the pastor and at least three deacons, to the extent that such authority is not limited by district supervision as provided for under the bylaws of the District Council.



B. Qualifications of Church Board Members



See qualifications for pastors and deacons below.



C. Duties of Church Board



(1) The church board shall have general charge and management of the affairs, funds, and property of the assembly. The church board shall have the authority to carry out the purposes of the assembly according to its charter and these bylaws.


(2) The church board shall act in the examination of applications for membership and in the  administration of discipline.


(3) For so long as the church is temporarily without a pastor, the remaining members of the church board shall be empowered to select a temporary chairman of the church board.


(4) The church board shall elect a secretary from among its members.


(5) The church board shall elect a treasurer from among its members.



Section 2. Officers



A. In General



There shall be a president, secretary, and treasurer. The pastor, by virtue of office, shall be the president and chairman of the church board. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be held simultaneously by the same individual.



B. Qualifications



(1) Pastor



The pastor shall be in good standing with both The General Council of the Assemblies of God and the District Council, holding a current fellowship card.



(2) Secretary



The secretary shall be an active voting member of this assembly for at least 1 year immediately preceding election to office, and shall be a member of the church board.



(3) Treasurer



The treasurer shall be an active voting member of this assembly for at least 1 year immediately preceding election to office, and shall currently support the church with tithes, and shall have a cooperative spirit, and shall be faithful in attendance at church services.



  1. Duties of Officers




(1) Pastor



(a) Shall be the spiritual overseer of the assembly and shall direct its activities.


(b) Shall be recognized as a member of the church board, president of the assembly, and shall act as chairman of all the business meetings of the assembly and of the church board.


(c) Shall provide for all services of the assembly and shall specifically arrange for all special meetings, conventions, and revival campaigns. No person shall be invited to speak or preach in the assembly without his approval.


(d) Shall, as chairman of the church board, be chairman of the nominating committee for the selection of deacon nominees. The pastor shall privately interview those nominated, ascertaining their eligibility and availability to serve as deacons.


(e) Shall be an ex officio member of all committees.



(2) Secretary



(a) Shall keep the minutes of the official meetings of the church board and of the annual and special business meetings of the assembly.


(b) Shall keep a record of the membership of the assembly and perform any other clerical work necessary to the proper discharge of his duties.


(c) Shall be the custodian of all legal documents.


(d) Shall file such annual corporation reports with the secretary of state as may be required by state law.



(3) Treasurer



(a) Shall be entrusted with all the finances of the assembly, subject to the supervision of the church board, and shall deposit all funds in federally insured accounts in the name of the assembly. All checks issued on behalf of the church must be signed by two people, the treasurer, the pastor, and/or the bookkeeper/accountant.


(b) Shall keep an itemized account of receipts and disbursements, shall present a report for each regular meeting of the church board, and shall present an annual report to the assembly in its annual business meeting.


(c) Shall assist the assembly in acquiring and maintaining available tax exemptions under state and local law.


(d) Shall provide a record of all identified giving to each donor at least annually.


(e) Shall be the custodian of all the financial records of the church.


(f) These duties may be delegated to, and then overseen by the Treasurer, to an       authorized bookkeeper or accountant.



Section 3. Deacons



The deacons shall be persons of mature Christian experience and knowledge, who shall be expected to meet the requirements set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Acts 6. Deacons shall be at least 23 years old, and shall have been members of the assembly for at least one year. They shall currently support the church with their tithes and offerings, have a cooperative spirit, and regularly attend church services. They shall not hold ministerial credentials.



Section 4. Trustees



Three trustees (who may be deacons or officers) shall be elected for the holding of church property, if required by law. Trustees must be active voting members of the assembly.



Section 5. Fiduciary Duties



The law imposes several fiduciary duties on officers, deacons, and trustees, including the duties of due care and diligence, loyalty, avoidance of self-dealing, expending designated contributions for the purposes specified, and not commingling personal and corporate funds.





Section 6. Temporary Church Board



Should irreconcilable differences arise between the pastor and other members of the church board, destroying the unity and the successful ministry of the local assembly, the District Executive Presbytery along with the sectional presbyter (the investigating committee), upon request from the pastor or a majority of the church board members, shall investigate such differences. Upon a two-thirds majority vote of the investigating committee they may declare the church under District supervision. The term "District supervision" means that the investigating committee has the authority to (1) suspend the constitution and bylaws of the church, (2) suspend the church board, (3) reclassify the church as a District Council affiliated church, and (4) appoint and establish a temporary church board invested with the authority to manage both the secular and ecclesiastical affairs of the church until such strife shall cease. If the pastor is also the sectional presbyter, the assistant sectional presbyter shall be a member of the investigating committee in his place.