Mission Statement

Gate Way Fellowship
Discovering who God created you to be.
We will proclaim that God created us as revealed in the foundational book of
     Genesis. He did not use millions of years or evolutionary process.
Genesis Chapters 1-3
We will discover who God created us to be through study and application of the
     Scriptures. We will adhere to our 16 fundamental truths and teach how they are
     relevant to our lives.
2 Timothy 3:16-17
We will determine what God wants for us by asking Him in prayer and developing
     our relationship with Him. In this way we will establish that ours is a spiritual
     fellowship, not a religious institute. God is the builder and foundation of this
Matthew 21:13
We will discover who we are by looking at Him. We will worship God, as He
     deserves to be worshiped. We desire to live lives that worship all week long
     and culminate in our weekly celebration service. In our services we expect the
     Lord to receive our worship, and visitors to sense His presence.
John 4:24
We will explore who God created us to be through service. We know that God has
     given us each gifts. Our goal is to discover and equip each person to do what
     they were made to do. Our purpose is to be involved in the ministry we are
     called to.
Romans 12:1-8
We are here to impact Peters Creek and bring people into relationship with Jesus
     Christ by proclaiming His love for them. We will keep in mind to encourage all
     the lost to discover who they are in the Lords eyes. We resolve to support
     worldwide missions through monthly offerings.
Acts 1:8
We will develop home fellowships and strongly encourage mentoring relationships.
     We understand that we grow most when we are in strong friendships,
     developing accountability and being encouraged by others.
Hebrews 10:24-25
As we discover who we are, this is to be a safe place where people can come to be
     healed, learn and make mistakes. We will strive to be a safe and loving
     environment where people feel like they belong. As our Lord Jesus commanded,
     we will be known by the love among us.
John 13:35
We value our children and youth. We consider it important to develop character and
     teach them their identity in Christ in a family atmosphere while having a good
Mark 10:14