Children's Church on Sunday Morning

Welcome to Creation Station! We are excited to offer Children's Church at the same time as the Adult service on Sunday mornings at 11am. Julie, Khafani, Amanda, Shelbi and Victoria are excited about being the leaders for this time.
This ministry will use a fun combination of teaching, multimedia presentations, skits and puppets to encourage our children to have a good time while learning lessons that will prepare them for a lifelong relationship with God, their Creator.
Our goals are for kids to have a good time and learn something great about God. We want this to be the best hour of their week!
Prizes are given away every week.
Our God is a God of creation. Our children are also always creating things. We could sure use some more supplies to help them have fun making crafts while learning about God. Please click below to see what you can help provide. Most of the items are things that you would throw away, instead we ask you to recycle and clean them! Every Little bit helps