Ladies Home Fellowship

This is a home fellowship for ladies. The meeting starts at 10am on Mondays meeting at the McClain's home located at 23315 Blue Skies Dr., Chugiak, AK. It is accross the highway from the church. 
All women of the church are welcome and are also welcome to bring a neighbor or friend.

 We will open in prayer and close every meeting with prayer requests. One of our functions will be to pray for our church and community as well as individual needs.

We are currently doing a study by Beth Moore: Believing God

We plan to be of assistance through encouragement to the missionaries our church helps to financially support.
In today's busy world each of us has many demands put upon our lives. Some things are planned on and others just seem to come up in our lives. This ministry is sensitive to these numerous demands upon our lives, however we do have a deep desire to grow closer to God and obey what He has planned for us in life and to live up to the motto of Gate Way Fellowship: Discovering who God Created you to be!
We have decided that if three or more can meet together on a Monday morning, it will be announced in the bulletin on Sunday. If not, that week will be cancelled until the following Monday.
I speak for the group when I say we are excited to meet and get to know each other. Please come and join us as we grow in fellowship with the LORD and one another.
Your sister in Christ,
Carol Welty Roper
Ruth McClain