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Alaska School of Ministry
This missionary lead school provides leadership training and mentoring for men and woman all over the state of Alaska.
Because it is missionary lead and all the teachers are volunteers this school is able to offer each course for $25 plus the cost of books. There is not a cheaper education option available anywhere. I believe this shows the heart of all envolved is having the main priority of raising up leaders in any capacity that God calls them to an empowering them to do what God has created them to do.
The excellent aspect of this school is that it does not require the students to travel to Anchorage but has venues all over the state. With well over 200 hundred students enrolled it is proving to be a huge success above and beyond even hopeful visions.
This school is a great choice to simply expand education and knowledge in the Lord or to pursue credentials with Assemblies of God.
Rev. Randy is so pationate and excited about what this school provides that He volunteers his time as a teacher for a couple of classes a year.

Eagle River Christian School

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Eagle River Christian School, Alaska's only private school to offer both classroom taught courses and a complete computerized curriculum that is the latest in state of the art learning.
Consisting of grades K4-12th, their programs are designed to include academics, athletics, music, foreign languages, and college preparatory programming.  In addition, they offer the convenience of distance learning through their computer network, and home school programs utilizing one of the nations most respected and effective curriculums available.
For more information please visit their website.