Our own Author Carol Roper

Carol Roper is the wife of one of our Deacons Phil Roper. She has started her new adventure in life as a published author.
For the past 30 years Carol has written technical nonfiction and is now embracing creative writing. Some of her experiences have given her insight into the actions and reactions of people of have had to leave all they know in life to start over. Some of that insight comes from her own experiences in setting out for Alaska many years ago.
At this time she has one book published as of April 2009 with the next one in the works.
You can click here to go straight to her website for Timeless Ink Tales

Tilly's Song

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Starting over in life is not a new reality to most of us. We all know at least someone who has been widowed by a war, uprooted by catastrophic storms, or has faced illness, divorce, loss of job... and the list is endless.  How does a person learn to hope again when all hope seems to be gone?
Tilly knows. This young widow with her only living child is brought face to face with trouble not of her own making.  Leaving the life they both know in Germany, together they embark on a journey to their starting over place, America.
How must they change to survive in this new land? What challenges disguised as adventures await both mother and child?
Travel along with Tilly on this journey to discover Restored hope.
Please click on the link below to learn more about Carol and this book project at her website Timeless Ink Tales. Or if you are interested in ordering right now click here to go Amazon.com to order this book and it is available for free shipping.